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garage plans with shed roof

Garage Plans

Garage plans

made by Behm Design are accurate, complete and of highest drafting standards for clarity of information. They feature the following:

  • Sheet 1 is the cover with the design illustration, materials list and design data (code references, etc.)
  • Floor Plan(s) showing walls, openings, dimensions, and symbols for electrical lighting, switching and outlet locations
  • the 4 exterior elevation views (true elevations)
  • Exterior wall framing only elevations (sometimes included with the regular elevations with framing shown as dashed lines)
  • Roof edge details for soffits, eaves and gable ends as applicable
  • Perimeter Foundation and slab plan showing openings and dimensions
  • Concrete foundation details and alternates
  • Cross Sections and longitudinal if applicable
  • Structure notes and specifications
  • Typical and other wall sections
  • Roof framing or truss layout plan
  • Second-floor framing plan if required
  • Stairway profile and details if applicable

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