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Custom House, Garage and Hip Roof Plans

Vance Hester Designs has been providing custom home and garage plans in North Carolina since 1971.

Custom plans are developed using your input into the process assuring you that your interest is seen. All of your exact specifications and preferences will be noted on the drawings themselves. This gives you the added assurance that your builder or contractor will have a written record of what is and is not to be included in your home.

Plans from simple home bungalow floor plans to sprawling mansions, your personality and style are reflected from the cornerstone up because of your input into the plan features.

Personalized service and attention to detail assure you that your ideas will be accurately translated into quality house plans for your Dream home.

Custom plan styles are given for examples since I do not sell plans pre drawn, all plans are custom drawn to client specifications.

Custom house plans can begin as easy as your call or email describing your needs and asking for a free quote for a completed set of house plans. Your house plan descriptions can include photo images of comparable house plan styles that you especially like or features you especially want incorporated into your plans. You can even rough sketch your floor plan and send that.

Designing & building custom house & garage plans since 1971

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