City Table at the Farmer – s Market

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Welcome to City Table at the Farmer’s Market

Introducing the new faces of City Table!

Help us welcome our new Executive Chef & Sous Chef!

Executive Chef Kyle McCall

Born and raised in South Carolina, Kyle brings to City Table a true understanding of what southern food really is. When asked what he has to offer Petersburg diners, he responds with just one word. “Simplicity”, which is what he says southern food is all about. He has worked for some of the finest establishments in Greenville and Charleston including Rick Erwin’s Dining Group and Maverick Southern Kitchens. He was Executive Sous Chef under Chef Forest Parker at High Cotton Charleston, and also Executive Sous Chef under Chef Gerrard Cribbin at Coal Fire Bistro Greenville. He encourages you to come in and let him introduce to you what southern food is all about.

Sous Chef Edward Fitzgerald, Jr.

Chef Edward comes to us from Upper Shirley Plantation and Vineyard. He has also cooked at Tavern at Triangle Park, and Positive.

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