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space saver shed plans

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Whether you are working in a garden or on a construction site, getting the job done is always more efficientwhen your tools are close at hand. Offering just the right amount of on-demand storage, this mini garden shed can handle all of your gardening hand tools but with a footprint that keeps costs and labor low.The mini shed base is built on two 2 × 8 front and back rails that raise the shed off the ground. The rails can alsoact as runners, making it possible to drag the shed like a sled after it is built. The exterior is clad with vertical-board-style cementboard siding. This type of siding not only stands up well to the weather, it is very stable and resistsrotting and warping. It also comes preprimed and ready for painting. Cement siding is not intended to be in constantcontact with moisture, so the manufacturer recommends installing it at least 6″ above the finished ground grading.You can paint the trim and siding any color you like. You might choose to coordinate the colors to match your houseor you might prefer a unique color scheme so that it stands out as a garden feature.The roof is made with corrugated fiberglass roof panels. These panels are easy to install and are available in avariety of colors, including clear, that will let more light into the shed. An alternative to the panels is to attachplywood sheathing and then attach any roofing material you like over the sheathing. These plans show how to buildthe basic shed, but you can customize the interior with hanging hooks and shelves to suit your needs.

This scaled-down garden shed is just small enough to be transportable. Locate it near gardens or remote areas of your yard where on-demand tool storage is useful.

Working with Cement S >Fiber cement siding is sold in 1⁄4″-thick, 4 x 8-ft. sheets at many home centers. There are specially designed shearing tools that contractors use to cut this material, but you can also cut it by scoring it with a utility knife and snapping it— just like cement tile backer board or drywall board. Note: You can also cut cementboard with a circular saw, but you must take special precautions. Cementboard contains silica. Silica dust is a respiratory hazard. If you choose to cut it with a power saw, then minimize your dust exposure by using a manufacturer-designated saw blade designed to create less fine dust and by wearing a NIOSH/MSHA-approved respirator with a rating of N95 or better.

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