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Storage shed plans

This article is about storage shed plans. Building a wood shed is a complex project, but if you manage to get the job done in a professional manner, you will have a large construction ready to store garden tools, firewood or other objects you don’t use on a regular basis. Before beginning the actual project, we recommend you to study several projects as to find free shed plans that fit your needs and tastes. As you probably know, storage sheds come in a large variety of dimensions, designs and materials, but you should take into account your needs and budget when taking the final decision. See HERE our newest shed plans that come with more detailed diagrams and instructions.

It is essential to place the shed in a proper location, as to have an easy access to it and to match the neat look of your garden. Strange as it might seem, building the right storage shed for your needs, can add value to your property, as it should complement the design of your garden. Work with great care and make sure you position the shed far away from your barbeque or fire pit, as it might easily ignite.

Lay out the 12×16′ wood shed in a professional manner, by using batter boards and string. In order to build a durable foundation, able to support the weight of the wooden construction, you have two broad alternatives. On one hand you could pour a concrete slab or you can choose to build several concrete footings. Irrespective of your choice, we recommend you to make sure the foundation or the footings are perfectly aligned and level, otherwise the storage shed won’t be symmetrical.

Made from this plan

In order to build a 12×16 storage shed, you need the following:

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