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Detached Garage Plans

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We can modify any of our plans to meet your needs. Email us to get a quote.

Garage Plans

We provide high quality, professionally drawn garage plans that are International Residential Code (IRC) code compliant in most areas of the U.S. Click on the garage plans below to view more details.

Icreatables Garage Plans Provides:

  • Garage Plans that can be used to bid, apply for a building permit and build your new garage.
  • FREE phone support to answer your construction planning and building questions
  • Instant Garage Plan Download so you can start working today.
  • FREE Garage Materials List so you can get pricing before buying garage plans. (email your request)

What is the difference between the detached garage plans and some of your larger shed plans that are the same respective sizes?

The difference in the plans is that one of them is considered a Shed and the other is a full set of garage plans. Basically, sheds are not typically held to the same standard as a detached garage. It really depends on your building departments requirements. The Garage Plans have have extra info in them like: The Alternate Braced wall panel diagram found in the International Residentail Code, hold downs are specified, a full footing and foundation plan for slab on grade, poured stem wall and Block stem walls and electrical plans. Sheds are typically not connected to the ground so they do not need all of this. BUT, our shed plans do include a concrete slab detail without the deeper footing and foundation required for areas that have frost. The Larger Sheds are in a grey area of information between a house and a shed. Sheds are typically not attached to the ground and not held to the same standards as a home or detached garage because they are moveable. We have the larger sheds because some people ask for them. We have the garage plans because some people need all the information required by their building department for a structure of that size.

Garage Plans

Questions About Our Garage Plans:

“Do your plans include the electrical and other things to assure it meets code in my area?”

Our plans are designed to Prescriptive Building code of the 2015 IRC which means they have everything that building codes require for basic code situations to apply for a building permit.

ADDITIONAL ENGINEERING: Some areas of the U.S. have conditions that exceed the basic code. If you live in an area with excessive winds or seismic or unstable soils you may need additional engineering which means that you will send our plans to a local sturctural engineer to have them reviewed and stamped.

It is impossible for us to provide engineering that goes beyond the Prescriptive code because there are thousands of cities in the U.S. and each area has different wind, roof, seismic and soil conditions. But, the plans do work for most areas unless your neighborhood has a condition that goes beyond the prescriptive codes.

Please ask your building dept if the “Prescriptive Design” will work before purchasing plans.

ROOF TRUSSES: For the roof you will need to get the engineering from the company that designs the trusses. Your city will only accept truss drawing from an engineer licensed in your state designing trusses for loads in your area. This comes with the cost of purchasing the trusses. Also the engineer that provides calculations for your plans will need the truss plans to see what loads the roof has so he can make sure his calculations take them into account.

The truss engineering comes with the truss package you purchase from a local truss plant, they have an inhouse engineer that designs the trusses and you take that engineering to the structural engineer you hire to review the plans and they will use the loading shown for the roof to design the engineering for the rest of the garage. The engineering from the truss plant, structural engineer and our plans are then taken to the building department to apply for a building permit.

Most cities have additional information required to apply for a permit. Things like a current site plan showing the existing property, Heat loss calculations etc.

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